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Design Ideas For Updating Bungalows

Posted by in Architecture | April 15, 2016


Bungalows (Updating Classic America)
M. Caren Connolly
Louis Wasserman


If you are anything like me, you occasionally find yourself adding new books to your bookshelf or replenishing the collection of books resting on your coffee table (usually architectural related) to keep your room looking fresh and new and guests entertained. One book in particular that I have had the pleasure of reading was written by two architects who, based on their writings and backgrounds, truly appreciate the style and spirit of the American bungalow.

As I made my way through the book I was educated with the insight, spirit, and style of the bungalow home built between 1900 and 1930 all across America. I was also taken on a journey through roughly twenty featured homes, inspired with richly illustrated photographs, drawings, and floor plans all pointing to the numerous ways homeowners can bring out the best in their homes with innovative strategies and designs for today’s modern living.

I was impressed with some of the ideas bungalow homeowners could utilize by either adding-on, opening up, or raising their structure while still maintaining the integrity of the original design. While a good portion of the book is dedicated to highlighting the traits that make this style of architecture so unique, it focuses largely on the theme of renovating and updating your original bungalow home to meet with some of the more practical modern conveniences and amenities of today.


Although the authors could have spent a little more time walking their readers through the various phases of the renovation process with more before/after photos versus simply showing the before/after floor plan layouts, I think the history content, insight, and rich photography alone suffice. Bungalows (Updating Classic America) is a book that has a little bit of everything ranging from small remodels to major overhauls to new construction. If you are in search of innovative strategies for living comfortably in traditional-styled homes and historic neighborhoods, perhaps this is the book for you and your coffee table.

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    • Michael Harcourt on said:

      The book covered aspects of the Mission influence of employing stucco as a primary building material for west coast bungalows, Charles and Henry Greene’s elaborate use of Arts and Crafts detailing, and an entire 3 chapters devoted to a 1906 bungalow located in Ross, a woodsy bungalow located in Laguna Beach, and a historic collection of bungalows located in Spreckels California. But, if you’re in search of a book dedicated to just the west coast or California bungalows this might not be your first choice. This book covers bungalows found all across the states ranging from Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Washington, and California.

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