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Posted by in About Us | August 15, 2009

Central to our approach is our extensive use of computer-aided design technologies. Technology assists us in better addressing programming issues and aids us and you in visualizing design ideas. During the conceptual planning (if you wish) we have the ability to create 3-dimensional models to illustrate detailing, massing and other formal issues, and we can create virtual walk-through spaces as an additional service. To get a better feel for these services we invite you to view some of our past work.

Insight that Comes with Experience Utilizing the Latest in Technology

We also use CADD technology for each of our projects, creating carefully constructed drawings and details that aid us and our team members throughout the design and construction process. We utilize computer scheduling and online submittal programs, allowing us to track critical paths, coordinate resources and determine costs as well. These programs help ensure that project managers, our consulting team, and contractors remain updated and that projects are completed on budget and on time.

About the Author – Gary Harcourt

Gary F Harcourt is an experienced Architect & Principal Owner of gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics. Gary is proficient in designing commercial, residential and institutional architecture throughout California. He is committed to helping clients find creative, workable solutions that are cost effective and environmentally responsible. He may be reached at

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