3D Models And Virtual Walk-throughs

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3D Models And Virtual Walk-throughs

Posted by in About Us | December 15, 2011


Watch your project come to life with 3D visualization technology. Central to our approach is our extensive use of computer-aided design technologies. Here at gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics, we have the ability to create 3-dimensional models to illustrate detailing, massing, and other formal issues. Our 3D experts are able to create virtual walk-through spaces as an additional service during the conceptual planning phase.

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Custom Deck Remodel

Posted by in Projects | September 15, 2011

gfh Architecture, Planning & Graphics finalizes a small custom residential deck remodel project in Atascadero. This project consisted of a residential backyard deck remodel improvement coming off the master bedroom as well as the living room area.

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7-Unit Multi-Family Residence

Posted by in Projects | August 15, 2011

A 7-Unit Multi-Family Residence Project in Pismo Beach nears completion. See the image gallery now!

This 7 unit residential condominium was designed as a second home for those who would like to be along the Central Coast of California. This development consists of two building housing 7 units of which one unit is ADA approved with an elevator.

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Are You Road Trip Ready?

Posted by in Travel & Leisure | June 15, 2011
Road Trip

That sense of adventure out on the open road, the hum of the engine, listening to your favorite tunes, spending some alone time with that favorite person, or even riding solo to clear your mind and do some thinking. Whatever the scenario, there are so many memories to be created out on the open road. If a road trip is calling your name, hold up! Because a little extra preparation on your part could go a long way and help you avoid some dangerous mishaps. Whether you’re driving a short distance or across country, the following tips will ensure that your car and crew are properly prepared for your next adventure.

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7 Unit New Construction

Posted by in Projects | April 15, 2011

A 7-Unit Multi-Family-Residence project in Pismo Beach currently under construction received its rough framing inspection approval including the roof nailing and has completed all the fire separation assemblies for those protected structural members. Rough mechanical, plumbing and electrical along with fire suppression to follow.

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A Quick Look At Passive Solar Design

Posted by in Architecture | February 15, 2011

Five Elements of Passive Solar Design – From WBDG

Last week as I was helping a friend around his property, I noticed a nearby home with a roof that was covered with solar panels. Chances are you probably have a neighbor or know of someone with a similar system mounted on their rooftop. What if there was an alternative to this somewhat unappealing and expensive addition to an already existing structure? If you were to research the topic you might come across a different form of energy used in home construction called “passive solar design.”

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